SCR583 -  Satellite Channel Router, 5 wire cascade, 8 user ports, legacy or SCR.

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Introducing the Teldis SCR 500 series next generation multiswitch. For the first time ever, a single cable multi-standard switch will enable any or all of the following options:

-    Legacy (meaning conventional volts and tone).

-    BSkyB SCR proprietary command.

-    CSS European norm for non Sky receivers.

Because the switch is multi-standard it can be retrospectively fitted into existing systems without the need to enter the dwellings. Sky+ SCR enablement can then be carried out at a later date. In order to make retrospective installations easier still the unit has been designed to accept a wide range of satellite input levels (60-90dBuV) by the use of on-board ALC satellite amplifiers powered by the receiver. This removes the need for any user adjustable controls. Terrestrial signals are passed passively and may require separate amplification. LNB powering if required is achieved by connecting a simple PSU. A simple splitter is the only item required within the users dwelling.

  • SCR mode enabling Sky+ on a single cable.
  • Automatic Gain Control offers the same satellite level across the system.
  • No proprietary equipment required within the dwellings
  • Dedicated DC input for LNB powering.
  • Terminated switches available.
  • Stackable up to 4 using TSK556.

SCR Wiring Diagram

Full Specification (PDF)

SCR Installation Guide (PDF)

32 flat SCR IRS design(new)

40 flat SCR IRS, Tower Block.(new)

Teldis SCR range:
  SCR523(T) - Satellite Channel Router, 5 wire, 2 user ports.
  SCR543(T) - Satellite Channel Router, 5 wire, 4 user ports.
  SCR563(T) - Satellite Channel Router, 5 wire, 6 user ports.
  SCR583(T) - Satellite Channel Router, 5 wire, 8 user ports.
T - terminated.



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