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SMS51603NF - Compact 5 x 16 Multiswitch, Premium Range

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The SMS5xx03NF range of multiswitches replaced SMS5xx02NF range which was the benchmark against which all other multiswitches were compared. With premium design features and the use of ultra slim housing the SMS design has long been the first choice for broadcasters and industry professionals alike.

SMS5xx03NF range features new design – inputs on the side of the switch, even better performance and 2 new multiswitches - SMS52003NF for 20 subscribers and SMS52403NF for 24!!

The SMS5xx03NF multiswitches have an energy saving switch mode power supply and supports standby logic. The satellite IF amplifiers and the remote voltage to power an LNB are only active when at least on receiver is connected.

This compact switch has the option of either active or passive terrestrial and can be used at the end of a cascade system to add extra outlets.

• On-board attenuators allow levelling of input signals.
• Satellite amplifiers have pre-emphasised response
• Return path compatible with terrestrial passive mode.
• LNB voltage selectable.
• Highly selective filters at the inputs to ensure interference products cannot overload amplifiers.
• Push-pull terrestrial output stage for multi-channel operation.

Full Specification (PDF)

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