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SBK5503NFI - 5 Wire Ultra High Launch Amplifier

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The SBK5503NFI launch amplifier has the highest output potential of all IRS amplifiers & combined with an SMK cascade switch, is able to feed signals in excess of 90m on a 1mm cc cable.
The SBK5503NFI is equipped with IF standby logic, to meet energy saving directives, and a passive terrestrial option allows return path through the device. Remotely powering an NVF5523SR repeater amplifier is also possible allowing system expansion.

• Ultra High output allows signals to outreach other switchgear
• Onboard attenuators allow levelling of input signals
• SAT amplifiers have pre-compensated response
• Outstanding noise performance and out of band rejection
• Line volts to power remote amplifier and FA switches
• LNB voltage selectable
• Power save mode
• Return path compatible
• Supplied with 5 isolated terminations

Inputs: 4 x SAT + Terr
TERR gain: 30dB Max out: 118dBµV IMA³
SAT gain: 24…30dB, Max out: 118dBµV IMA³
Synchronous level adjuster for each low and high band (10dB) and terr. (10dB)
LNB mode selectable
18V/1A remote power for active cascades SMK55xx3FA or repeater amps NVF55xxSR
Power Consumption: 15.5W
Dimensions: 300x130x52
Supplied with 5 isolated terminations ZFR75DC


Full Specification (PDF)

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