ZEEVEE HD-2840 HD digital modulator

The ZEEVEE HD-2840 EU digital modulator has 4 x rear facing HDMI inputs which are encoded (HD 1080i into MPEG2) and modulated into 4 x DVB-T multiplex RF channel outputs for onward distribution into coax networks. The powerful and intuitive Maestro GUI is used for all the programming and settings features, SW revisions and updates.

A front facing LCD display shows a real time indication of encoder and modulator status, confirming modulation depth and the detection of both audio and video. Additionally the confirmation of output channels, LCN choices and a whole host of monitoring functions are offered, all by using the navigation arrows.

Output modulation schemes of European DVB-T and DVB-C are offered and the services are allocated as a single service into each of the four output DVB-T muxes. Each of the DVB multiplexes is bonded together with a second service to form a twin RF bond, for example C21 and 22. There are, therefore, two twin bonded outputs that can be allocated away from each other, for example a second bond could be allocated at say C31 and 32. The HD-2840 can be tuned to centre frequencies across all the CATV channel patterns within the VHF and UHF bands.

Professional performance is assured with an MER of >38dB, a selectable output level of up to 105dBuV and a latency figure of around 400 milliseconds.     

The HD-2840 comes configured within a shallow depth 1 U high 19” chassis and is twin fan cooled.

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