The LICA LMC ‘mini’ CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) platform is the perfect solution for offering a connected internet service using EoC (Ethernet over coax) to a multitude of users using the spare bandwidth capacity of an existing coax network.

CMTS architecture on a grand scale, is routinely used by Cable TV providers using the DOCSIS 3.0 standard allowing a bi directional link from the Head End to the subscribers Cable Modem at the user point. The LICA LMC-1RU platform uses 16 x DVB-C QAM256 channels in the DS (downstream) between 108 MHz - 1GHz to offer up to 800Mbps of data and 4 x DVB-C QAM64 channels in the US (upstream) up to 100Mbps in the return bandwidth of 5-65MHz. Maximum DS output level from the CMTS is circa 105dBuV while detection of US signal level is best achieved with incoming levels of between 47 – 83dBuV.

The mini CMTS is capable of serving up to a total of 300 cable modems using DOCSIS 3.0 and 8 x 4 channel bonding as an example of capacity, whereas the cable modem capability of running data rates of around 50Mbps allows a smaller amount of users to run larger data rates. The LICA LMC comes configured within a 19” 1 U high ‘pizza box’ rack housing. The LMC2-1RU variant uses a parallel pair of modules within the housing to offer double the capacity across split lines away.

Simple provisioning of a small number of CMs can be achieved on the platform, however, a large amount of users are best provisioned with the addition of a separate 19” mounted PC.

Where to use the LICA LMC platforms? Anywhere Internet coverage through the air is challenged by external geography or within the confines of a building, where no structured wiring exists or can easily be installed, or within secure closed networks. Contact Teldis to find out more.

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