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CXE180 - GaAs pHEMT Ultra High Output Broadband Amplifier

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The CXE180 is the latest addition in our extensive range of amplifiers and it might just be the best amplifier there is for distribution or line extender applications. The amplifier’s compact size and light weight brings out its usefulness, while its proven technology gives it plenty of output power. It offers versatility on output configuration and easy operation without the need of plug-in attenuators or equalisers. This new amplifier offers a remarkable combination of reliability and top performance in a small package.

• GaAs pHEMT and MESFET amplifier technology used
• All adjustments with rotary switches
• Dual output - optional
• Improved power dissipation capacity
• Accurate return measurement point
• Excellent ESD and surge protection
• High gain / low gain selection
• Flat / sloped output selection
• Plug-in diplex filters

Downstream signal path
Frequency range: 47 / 54 / 70 / 85 / 108...1006 MHz
Return loss: 18 dB
Gain (typical): 40.0 dB
Input attenuator control range: 0…15 dB
Input equaliser control range: 0…20 dB
Mid-stage slope: 8 / 0 dB
Flatness: ± 0.5 dB
Test point: 20 dB
Group delay: 2 ns
Noise figure: 7.0 dB
CTB 42 channels: 112.0 dBµV
CSO 42 channels: 114.0 dBµV
XMOD 42 channels: 111.0 dBµV

Upstream signal path
Frequency range: 5...30 / 42 / 50 / 65 / 85 MHz
Return loss: 18 dB
Gain: 28dB
Gain control range (input): 0...-15 dB
Gain control range (output): 0 / -10 dB
Slope control range: 0…15 dB
Flatness: ± 0.75 dB
Noise figure: 5 dB
Output level, DIN 45004B: 114.0 dBµV

Supply voltage: 26...65 VAC / 180…255 VAC
Power consumption: 14 W
Input / Output connectors: “f” female
Test point connector: “f” female 
Dimensions: 182(210)x140(148)x84 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg
Operating temperature: -40...+55 °C
Class of enclosure: IP 54

CXE180 requires additional internal return path diplexer and output module depending on desired configuration.

Forward Path Only, Single Output: 1 x CXE180, 2 x CXF000, 1 x AC6120
Return Path Active, Single Output: 1 x CXE180, 2 x CXF0xx*, 1 x AC6120
Return Path Active, Twin Output, Equal: 1 x CXE180, 2 x CXF0xx*, 1 x AC6124, 1 x 5/8M-FF
Return Path Active, Twin Output, Tap: 1 x CXE180, 2 x CXF0xx*, 1 x AC61xx**, 1 x 5/8M-FF

* - CXF030, CXF042, CXF050 or CXF065 depending on required return frequency, mostly used CXF030 - Return Path Diplexer for CXE180 5-30/47-860MHz
** - AC6128 Tap -2dB/-9dB; AC6112 Tap -1dB/-12dB; AC6116 Tap -1dB/-16dB, AC6119 Tap -1dB/-20dB. Please check availability.


Full Specification (PDF) 3Mb

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